Welcome to 3-K Elektrik

3-K Elektrik was founded in 1995 and growed within the last 15 years to a specialist of electrical equipment.

3-K Elektrik is engaged with measure and security technology in electrical systems. The centre of our performance is the transformation of measurement datas and surge arresters.

Many of sewage treatment plants, pump stations, and deep-wells works with our measure and security equipment.

We are innovative in the development of our product range and looking for competitive mounting, space saving insertion and all these with a high cost-efficiency

Our philosophy will be the benefit and satisfaction our our customers. The quality of our measure and security technics will be an advantage for all our customers.

3-K Elektrik GmbH | Industriestr. 84 | 75417-Mühlacker | Tel. +49 (0) 7041 / 81609-0 | Fax 81609-21